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Why you should Opt for an MDF Canvas

MDF is an "Medium Density Fibreboard". They are considered to be "green" or "environmentally friendly because they are manufactured from a combination or real wood and recyclable products.

I source my MDF Canvases from an Interior's Manufacturing Carpentry Warehouse. The boards are cut and shaped from what the Carpenters of the warehouse would usually disregard and throw into waste! So by opting for an MDF canvas from me, you're doing double in recycling! What a great feeling, right? My MDF canvases are primed before painting to ensure your art lasts. They're sturdier than the usally sought after stretched canvases and have a classier look. The best part is that the shapes and sizes are totally customizable; but typically have a 5mm depth. You can ever order MDF canvases from me, to make your own art! Get in touch! x

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2 comentarios

11 ago 2021

Yes yes yes!!!!! You finally did it. The world was missing out. You are a beautiful soul and your art representation is amazing.

Me gusta

Rishi V
Rishi V
13 jul 2021

So thoughtful and resourceful! Love it!!

Me gusta
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