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Custom Painted Phone Cases

In today's world, one thing you're most likely to always have on you, is your phone.

And with your phone, your phone case; you've got to protect it; and why not protect it with something custom made just for you?

Anyone can go out and buy something mass produced; but together, we can create something special, meaningful, custom made for you.

There are two ways I offer this service.

  1. My most preferred way because it ties in with my philosophy of art in recycling your old case. Rather than going and buying a new case, I can take your musty dusty worn phone case and make it new again! ♻️ I do this by sanding, priming and then painting on it; I promise you, you wouldn't be able to tell it's your old one.

  2. The other way is that we purchase a regular (preferably hard silicone case, and we do the same)

All cases done by me start at AED 150

But prices can vary due to design

I promise you they will last as well as any high end mass produced case;

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